adoptee cultural archives

ACA (아까) sounds also in hangul (korean laguage) ‘earlier’. this site is archiving adoptees’ cultural informations (artists, activists & academics). mostly inter-racial and/or inter-country adoptees… (films, exhibits, books) & academic studies that have been screened, exhibited, published but also  the media media coverage (press, presse신문TV) during this past century (especially before the time of internet!).

i believe that history is made not only with wikipedia. our story has to be told with our voices and our allies.

to share differences experiences with adoption (most of inter-racial and inter-country) through the arts, media and not an north-american-centric vision or information. Everyone is unique but it’s written in a socio-political and too often economic post-coloniaslit reality.

From canada and australia of forced adoption of autochtones in caucasian families, to south korean (from 1953 till now) adopted in caucasian families in western countries (north america and europe), vietnamese (babylift operation) to chinese girls, south american (colombia, guatemala, etc), haiti and africa (ethiopia, kenya, etc) also to caucasian families in western countries.

those so-called orphans became adults and share similar stories with racial identity and cultural loss.

some of them are artists, writers, academics. they create a new culture. another diasporic art … the one that deal with question, search for pieces of an adopted culture they make their own.

you are welcome to send press reviews (scanned), links, connection with adoptees artist and activist or just individuals.

p.s. mainly in English, but hopefully also French and Spanish content will be available if possible.

p.s.s. it ‘s a choice to use as less as possible capital lettes.

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