• The Racial and Cultural Politics of Adoption: adoptee perspectives, 2015, Jan. 30th., Montreal With Annette Kassaye & Nakuset
  • 1st AAFF, 2011, NOV. 18-19, Seoul, CGV Cinema, with Tammy Chu, Jun Cordon, mihee-nathalie lemoine, Maya Weimer,
  • Alternative to Adoption, 2009.05.08, ASK
  • Art and Activism : How is Identity Expressed in Korean Adoptees’ artwork, 2004, Aug. 8 with Tammy Chu, Jane Jin Kaisen, Ko Su-Yoon, mihee-nathalie lemoine, Sun Yung Shin. Moderated by Kim L. Stoker and  Jenny Na,
  • Overseas Adoptees Issues, Public Hearing at Parliament, 2005.12.13, with Han Boon Young, Jae Kauffman,
  • 2nd Community Conference, 2002.10.28, OKF, with Tammy Chu
  • OAK’s Awareness, Public Hearing at Parliament, Seoul, 1998, mihee-nathalie lemoine, Amy Nafzger, Don Roelofs, Lee Gurthwith
  • Global Korean Network Conference, 1995, GKN, Los Angeles, with Stephane Decker, mihee-nathalie lemoine, Tim Krabbe, Philipp Zurbuchen, Don Roelofs
  • KAAN Conférence (Yearly, Summer)
  • IKAA Conference (Bi-annual, Summer)


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